Saturday, June 9, 2007

Offline Marketing: Business Cards Branding Strategy

By Luis Galarza and Anna Phommatham, Offline Marketing And Advertising Strategies

How To Use Business Cards For Better Branding!

In the offline marketing world, business cards is your main tool of business networking for your company, for the same reason is also one your main brand marketing tools. If you doing what you supposed to do with your business cards, which is handing it to every person you meet or interact on any form, from the taxi-cab driver or restaurant waiter to your bank manager, your company cards it should represent your brand in a professional way and it supposed to be sending the right message to prospects.

The best ways to have those little carton offline marketing tools to do the job right which is sending the right message is by having:

- The Right Design
When I said the right card design, I mean having a design that goes with the type of business, product, or service you are promoting.

- A Professional Design
Also the design have to be presented in a professional way to the viewer which is a potential customer. So, even if you business have to do something with trash don't give out dirty business cards, instead your design have to tell the customer that you are professional and the right person to do the job because you take your business serious.

- The Right Colors
The right colors is also something important, first because some colors mean something different in the mind of your prospects, second make sure you use the same colors on all you other stationery's, and third your colors need to go with what you do.

- The Company Logo And Tag Line
You company logo and tag-line are the main base of your business cards. Your logo needs to tell what you do or if you do it professionally, and your tag-line need to tell why they should buy from you. Here is an article about USP (Unique Selling Proposition or Message) or Company Tag Lines to help you understand how important is this part, this is what separate you from your competition.

- Of Course The Right Information
Here is where you need to decide for just a blank space or a good sales speech that will help do the prospecting for you that way you will only get calls or visits from potential customers, not just anyone looking for more information. Personally I like the second one... but, you need to see what's better for you, because if your tag-line and company name is clear enough you may not need any extra sale copy.

- The Complete Contact Information
This is something that should be obvious but everyday I see many business cards with not enough contact information or too little information, like one phone number + address, or one phone number with no address, or the address and no phone numbers... You need to make it easy and simple for potential prospects and customers to contact you.

Things like: Phone numbers, location, email address, fax number, skype number, cell phone numbers, 1-800 toll free numbers, IM name, website, blog, Twitter web address, etc...

All the best,

Luis Galarza & Anna Phommatham, Business And Marketing Consultant
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Sean said...

This was a very useful article and first of all I would like to thank you for sharing this with us.

Business cards still are a major form of advertising yourself and your company to others.

I am curious as to what you said about "the right colors." How do you know what the right color scheme is for your type of business? Or is it basically just don't go off the deep end and use florescent colors?

Thanks again,

- Sean C.

Cheryll Cruz said...

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