Saturday, August 16, 2008

Grand Opening Postcard Marketing Lessons From Walmart Supercenter

By Luis Galarza and Anna Phommatham, Offline Marketing And Advertising Strategies

Can You Learn Postcard Marketing From A Walmart Supercenter? Well, Today We Analyze Their Postcard Mailing Approach For A Grand Opening!

Today I receive a postcard advertising announcing the grand opening of a new Walmart Supercenter and quickly saw the opportunity to use it as an example that can give you some good postcard marketing advice, specially if you decide to open a new store or branch of you current business.

OK, so this post if specially for marketers looking to open a new physical location or new web site but already did some work on exposing their brand. Why? Well, because that's exactly what Walmart already has done with there brand, so every time they plan their marketing and advertising campaigns Walmart focus on sending a postcard invitation that reminds consumers when the new store will be opening and they use there brand logo so consumers know that the company that is opening the new location is a merchant they know and trust. And that is one of the main things that make this marketing strategy work, the trust consumers have on your brand or even better the authority you have in your market or niche. Without the trust from prospects you will never be able to succeed on your first location or website, so what make you think you can monetize an untrusted brand? So, i recommend you to add to your daily "to-do-list" tasks, to build trust in your brand and become an authority in your market by over delivering in your offerings, which can be done by providing top quality on everything you do, sell, or even on stuff you giveaway for free.

Here Are The Postcard Marketing Lessons We Can Pick From Walmar Supercenter Grand Opening Direct Mail Promotion.

1.- Use a big size full color postcard to show that you are serous about your business, plus will make your offer stand out from the rest of the mail.

2.- Use a lot of white space to make it easy to read and to understand your message.

3.- Write a easy to understand headline for both sides of the flier, and don't use the regular "Grand Opening" phrase on the headline, instead use it as your sub-headline together with the day of the event.

4.- Make your headline sales copy focus on a special benefit that your target audience will be interest in, but build curiosity at the same time, for example Walmart use "A Fresh, New Way To Save", which make people read the rest of the sales copy and not only the date of the event. Why it worked? Because everyone know that Walmart means "a way to save", but most consumers ask themselves what "fresh" have to do with this company, so they have to read the rest to find out.

5.- Use a large picture or photo next to your headline and sub-headline that is closely related to your main headline, in this case the merchant use a large photo showing fresh fruits.

6.- On the other side use a more descriptive and straight to the point headline, that even if your prospects don't read the rest of the sales copy, they now know what your marketing message means. Another thing add the name of your company or your brand to remind people who this offer is coming from, if you have done a good job creating authority, the name of your brand will increase the sales power of the headline. This merchant used "Produce Straight From The Farm. Low Prices Straight From Walmart".

7.- Next, follow your headline with a sales copy that will welcome your prospects to the new location or website. Also, fill it with powerful words and a list of benefits, plus remind them of the other products and services then can get from you at that location.

8.- Another thing Walmart does to make there sales copy strong, is adding a few more small pictures below the sales copy with a sub-headline that give enfacise on the message from the main headline (the one from the first side). They use "If Our Produce Were Any Fresher, It Would Still Be In The Field".

9.- Use your logo and tagline or slogan on both sides of the postcard. On the main side make sure your logo is under the headline and sub-headline. On the second side you can add it right under the pictures, which are the eye catchers. Remember that you are using the power of your brand so adding your logo and tagline to both sides of the mail piece is a must.

10.- Also don't forget to add the address of your new location with directions and a map of the area to make it easy to find your store or office..

All the best,

Luis Galarza & Anna Phommatham, Business And Marketing Consultants
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